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Manufacturing Food Industry
Summary Company is specializing in production of short dough cookies and crackers. We have two Italian biscuits production lines with have total capacity 1400 tons of products per month. In the second half of 2016 there will be introduced the third production line with total capacity of 500 tones biscuits per month. After introducing the 3-rd line, our capacity will be 1900 tons per month. To package the product we use Masek (Czech Republic), Ricciarelli (Italian), Hastamat (Germany), Aucouturier (France) Due to the increase in production capacity, Yarych Confectionary can provide supply of products even in times of high demand. 6 Current production capacity of the factory is 1 400 tons of biscuits per month. Yarych Confectionery has approximately 300 people on staff. To manufacture cakes, we use Correri equipment, cake decoration is by hand only. The production capacity is 3 500 cakes per shift
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