Working in Ukraine without registration of legal entities

Adaptation to the market before registering a company

This can easily be implemented via Trade Corridor with no risks to your business.

Supported and assisted by the Canadian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, our project is to provide a unique opportunity for business owners in Canada to register a company after gaining practical experience of working on Ukrainian market, adapting to it and examining it from the inside.

First, you examine the environment, then you make up your mind whether to open a company here. Where else can you do that?

For the period from 2 weeks to 3 months, we offer you:

  1. Workplace in the office comfortably equipped with the latest technology provided every day from 9 AM to 6 PM;
  2. Landline phone for communications;
  3. Unlimited internet access (Wi-Fi);
  4. English speaking office assistant for 2 hours a day for scheduling appointments, calling the clients, and analyzing the information received;

For your convenience, we can also assist with:

  1. Housing search
  2. Car rent (with or without a driver)

Our customers get the opportunity to:

– get practical experience of working on the international market without registering a legal entity or risking heavy losses;

– open a company on favorable and preferential terms;