According to partnership agreements we have the right to represent the following companies:

– Avis LTD (manufacturer of high oleic organic oils);
– Vedalan LTD (manufacturer of vegetable oils);
– Lvivskyi kholodokombinat PC (manufacturer of ice-cream and frozen vegetables);
– Mida LTD (manufacturer of shoes and shoes components);

– The Kyiv Watch Factory (manufacturer of watches and clocks);
– Romenskiy food factory LTD (manufacturer of confectionary);
– Zhytomyr Butter Plant PJSC (manufacturer of ice-cream, frozen vegetables, vegetable mixes, French fries, frozen berries, berries with sugar, frozen half-finished products etc.);
– NÖLTING GEBRÜDER GMBH & CO. KG (German distribution company);
– Technoforce LTD (manufacturer of hydraulic equipment);

– Alan LTD (producer of meat products and sausages);
– Omega-Logistic LTD (distributor of foodstuff);
– Ukrainian souvenirs LTD (manufacturer of Ukrainian style goods, products of amber);
– Schauenburg Industries Ltd. (provides quality and innovative products for the mining, tunneling, forestry and other industries);
– Melnichenko K. private entrepreneur (the example of a successful start-up of young people who started manufacturing of designer socks);