Biofuels Power Plants





The project idea is to promote diverse business activities at the territory of the industrial park in Melitopol of the former REFMA plant.  They are the following:

1)  Bio TPP at the area of 4 hectares (the construction is located at the former gas boiler house)
2)  Greenhouses for growing tomatoes at the area of 8-10 hectares
3)  Former workshop building (S – 20.000 sq./m) for construction of a deep-freezer refrigerator and vegetables, fruit and berries storage.


  1. Construction of Bio TPP with a preliminary capacity of 3 MW of electricity and 12-15 MW of heat:
  • The Scientific and Technical Center “Biomass” will be developing a project feasibility study within three months.

For the project, we plan to use an import turbine (condensing   type) with controlled steam extraction;

  • A Ukrainian-made solid fuel boiler which uses sunflower pellets and/or energy crops (Miscanthus) and wood waste from forest nurseries as fuel;
  • Other Ukrainian-made equipment, to be able to receive a premium of 5% or 10% of the current green tariff;
  • The general contractor and the design organization will be selected on tender conditions and qualifications (experience in implementing similar projects);
  • The feasibility study will describe the fuel supply section, which will analyze and describe the types of fuel: the purchase of sunflower pellets from large producers within a delivery radius of up to 100 km; cultivation of miscanthus on rented or own lands at a distance of up to 50 km taking into account the supply of additional fuel (wood waste from the two nurseries); investments in logistics; and equipment for own fuel cultivation.
  1. For the high profitability of the Bio TPP project, in addition to a green tariff premium, we consider various heat supply options:

– Heat for greenhouses and additional supply of carbon dioxide according to the schedule;
– Heat for the refrigerator and cold storage;
– Heat and hot water for consumers of the industrial park;
– Heat for the city utilities and population with the construction or reconstruction of heating systems at a 2 km length.
A qualified contractor will develop the feasibility study for greenhouses and the refrigerator.

  1. Participants (initiators) of the project:

– Isatex Industry (a group of companies without consolidated accounts);
– The owner and developer of the industrial park, land for growing biocrops, and two nurseries;
– Indian Solar, the company with 100% foreign capital, operating in alternative energy, an investor and an EPC company specialized in construction a 4MW solar station in the industrial premises of the industrial park;
–  “Dubovo Agro”, a company specializing in  growing vegetables in the Khmelnytskyi region, interested in building greenhouses and a storage room in the southern part of Ukraine, provided that the heat supplies will cost lower than the gas tariff;

  1. The projected cost of investment and project payback periods:

– Bio TPP is about 8 million euros and about 9 years (if the heat is supplied to greenhouses)
– Greenhouses are about 10 million euros and about 6 years (taking into account the availability of exports)
– Refrigerator and storage – about 3 million euros and about 7 years (including the provision of services for own needs and other consumers)

  1. The current state of the investment project:

A feasibility study for Bio TPP will be developed in August 2019.

To implement the investment project, it is necessary to attract not expensive long-term financing. The financing will be for a period of up to 10 years with a principal amount of loan deferral for the first two years from the start of financing.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]