Manufacturing: Food Industry
History of the company:
1934 – foundation year of a private oil-press by industrialists Vorobyov and
1939 – the oil-press was re-equiped into Artel «Promzhir» with daily
processing of sunflower seeds 30-35 tons
1944 – Artel was transformed into a state plant for processing cotton seeds
and sunflower seeds
1996 – reorganization of leased plant into «Melitopol oil extraction plant»
2009 – a workshop for the production of hydrogenated fats capacity of 100
tons per day was put into service
2014 – reconstruction of production with the installation of modern
filtration, increase of production capacity
2016 – reconstruction of production of Refined Deodorized Winterization
Sunflower Oil

Production facilities:
Crude sunflower oil, crude high-oleic sunflower oil
Refined sunflower oil, refined high-oleic sunflower oil,
Animal Meal
Pellets for heating
Production capacity per month:

6000 MT of Crude Sunflower Oil
3000 MT of Refined Deodorized Winterization Sunflower Oil
6000 MT of Meal Sunflower
1500 MT of Fuel Pelle

○ Crude Virgin Sunflower Oil (100% pure pressing)
○ Crude Unrefined Sunflower Oil, first quality
(Mixture of pressed oil with the extraction oil)
○ High Oleic Crude Virgin Sunflower Oil
oleic acid 75÷84% (100% pure pressing)
○ High oleic Crude Sunflower Oil
oleic acid 75÷84% (mixture – pressing sunflower oil
with extraction sunflower oil)
○ Refined Deodorized Sunflower Oil
& winterization
○ Refined Deodorized & winterization
Sunflower Oil in bottle 1, 3, 5L
○ Sunflower Meal granulated toasted
○ Fuel pellets of sunflowerseed

pic-2 pic-3 pic-4 Our transnational partners are:
1. Wilmar International Limited, Singapore
2. Nidera B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands
3. Risoil Bulgaria Ltd., Bulgaria
4. Glencore Grain B.v., Rotterdam, Netherland
5. Allseeds Switzerland S.A., Thônex, Switzerland
6. Orexim Limited, Edinburgh, United Kingdom